Established in 1989 by Kurt and Diane Budday, Facilutions, Inc. (Parent of EZPHX) soon became the premier “solutions driven” supplier of ergonomically correct industrial furniture and accessories throughout the western United States.  After establishing relationships with a variety of office furniture manufacturers, Facilutions began specializing in office furniture for Arizona businesses. To further solidify our core business, Facilutions is now EZPHX Office Furniture.  EZPHX Office Furniture has been able to provide their customers with panel systems, desks, seating, and a wide array of office furniture products that fit specific business needs at the lowest possible prices. EZPHX Office Furniture focuses on design and space planning, sales and installation, delivery and after-sale service. Office furniture solutions do not begin with the sale and end with delivery but require a constant positive relationship to ensure the needs are met for your specific business. The experts at EZPHX Office Furniture can help you create a space that promotes productivity and professionalism and enhances the functionality of your business space.

With over 25 years of experience, the professionals at EZPHX Office Furniture can help you maximize the space in your workplace and encourage an increase in productivity. Our goal is to promote professionalism, enhance the aesthetics of your office, and create comfortable places to work while reducing workspace fatigue. With fully customizable furniture solutions in a variety of styles and configurations, we can guarantee that your office will look and feel like a place you want to do business. We want to help you reflect your company values through the workspace you present to your employees and customers.

We offer furniture solutions for employee workspaces, conference rooms, reception areas, training rooms, storage, and provide other office accessories. Whether you need office furniture solutions that encourage collaboration, enhance privacy, promote professionalism, or to create a welcoming space, EZPHX Office Furniture can help you design and install the perfect system. EZPHX Office Furniture is a full service office furniture dealership that will help you through every step of the process and continue to be at your service for the long-term.